Great Workplace

As partners, architect organization dedicated to people. Organization where people are the key factor for success

Workplace where people will be treated with high level of dignity and respect… Workplace where people will like to join, develop professionally and in the same time grow the organization, productivity and profitability.
Highly motivated and engaged team dedicated to business

Because, people mark business

Our Role

Our role is to support clients and improve their current results by using our skills, knowledge and experience.

We inspire, coach, mentor and support their decision-making process.

We are ready to step into ambiguous and challenging situations and sense what changes need to be made.

Our Products

The products we produce are ideas, insights, way of thinking, advices, suggestions and tools.

We are driven by ideas and a strong desire to have a positive and visible impact on our clients.

Our most important asset is the ability to use past know-how and generate new learnings through sharp thinking and deep dive diagnostic.

Our Contribution

We add value by partnering with organizations so that they do what they do better, faster, more efficient and support growth mindset thinking of the business as a ‘marathon’ on long runs only.

Who we are

APOD is a consulting firm focusing on PEOPLE and ORGANIZATION.

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“With professional experience of more than 20 years on various leadership positions in McDonalds, Wrigley and Mars, as well as entrepreneur and co-founder I have established APOD to focus on new learnings, experiences and to transfer knowledge and expertise to other organizations in the region”

– Polikarp Arsenovski, Founder

What we do

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