Human Capital Management


“Healthy” Organizational culture ensures high level of productivity, growth of the organization, efficiency and significantly reduces associates turnover.

Organizational culture (Company Identity) is a set of believes, values and principles which are fundament of the existence of the organization and the way of behavior of the members.

Some of the areas covering this section are:
– Creation of Company Vision, Mission and Values
– Leadership style
– Communication
– Behavior Norms
– Symbols
– Approach toward community and society
– Forms of organizational structure
– Conduct with associates and partners
– The way we do business
– Life-work balance
– Approach toward opportunities


Workforce Planning (Management) is a process which will ensure that the company has available human capital to respond to current and future business requirements in most efficient way.

Some of the areas covering this section are:
– Per person / Job Position planning of daily related operations, aligned with the rest of the organization
– Risk analysis related to associate vs. job position
– Accurate talent stream line across organization, division, departments…
– Identifying current and future needs of job positions / associates capability and competency
– Identifying future potential termination of job positions
– Building development programs related to particular competencies and capabilities needs
– Work Life Balance
– Implementation of Talent Management Program


Process of establishing clear policy for compensation and benefits (financial and non-financial).

Some of the areas covering this section are:

– Analyzing Current model of compensation and benefits
– Job Positions and scope of work (Job Description)
– Organizational Structure
– Basic (Physiological needs) terms and conditions

– Bonus Policy
– Over Time, work for weekend and holidays
– Lump-Sum bonus policy
– Long term bonuses
– Other financial benefits

3. BENEFITS (Non-Financial)
– Employment process
– Development programs
– Performance management
– Life-Work balance

TALENT (succession planning)

Identifying critical roles within organization and talents for potential development in order to cover develop them and reduce risk of talent gap for critical job positions.

– Identifying critical roles within organization and recognize future needs for talent pool
– Development path within organization
– Identifying Talent Pool
– Creation of Individual development path
– Creation of individual development program
– Implementation of development program


– Generate job description
– Counsel on compensation and benefit model for particular job position
– Design frame of competencies and capabilities for particular job position
– Job Advert
– Advert organization
– Pre-Selection process and recommendation
– Final interviews
– Job offering

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