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Meet the people behind APOD. We’re are always here to help you with more than 40 years of combined experience in the industry.


Polikarp Arsenovski

With more than 20 years professional experience on various leadership positions in McDonalds, Wrigley and Mars, as well as entrepreneur and co-founder, in January 2018 I started APOD to focus on new learnings, share experiences, transfer knowledge and expertise to other organizations in the region.

My focus are People… Human Capital Management within organization and its culture…

People are not “asset”, they are our critical resource for success and hence my message that all of us as leaders have responsibility to create clear vision for managing the organization, craft outstanding work environment and treat people with high level of dignity and respect.


In my previous 10-year experience in the field of business and entrepreneurship, I had opportunity to learn closely how Macedonian and foreign companies are running their businesses.

Inspired from the challenges that most of the companies are facing in the area of human capital management and the willing to work on possible solutions, a joined APOD team in July 2019 and follow our mission to create open, transparent and competitive labor market.

I personally believe that business is made by people, so I stand for support and development of people who are looking for a job, as well as for companies that are hiring

Marija Akimovska


I am having 18 years working experience in international and local companies, mainly in Wrigley and Mars. My focus was always people and I am confident that only with right people on right place can reach successful business results. Process of people management can be taken as a rolling circle, starting from recruitment, successful training, mentorship and coaching programs and performance and behaviors appraisal.

My focus of interest in the last 15 years is toward transferring my knowhow and experience via development programs related to: business planning, sales team development, coaching, negotiation, leadership, talent management and others.

Starting cooperation with APOD team opens new professional and personal horizons and it is a challenge that I put my acquired capabilities and competencies in to a function of people development, as the most important asset in business.

Dejan Vanevski
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